Other Training Opportunities

Local Language Courses for Primary Teachers - an initiative taken in conjuntion with the network of Education Centres nationwide (ATECI).

The Education Centre network, in conjunction with the Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative, is pleased to offer five-week courses in the four target languages of the MLPSI which will offer primary teachers an opportunity to refresh their language skills with a view to introducing a modern language to their classes. The courses will be designed in such a way as to ensure teachers can maximise and build on their own level of proficiency in the language in order to teach the modern language curriculum.
For further details please contact your local Education Centre. Details of all the Education Centres can be found on the ATECI website -

Immersion Courses in France & Spain - LFEE Europe has been a Comenius course provider since 2002. Their team of experienced and fully qualified native teachers is committed to promoting French and Spanish language and culture throughout Europe. They work under the Comenius/Grundtvig programme and their expertise in delivering Training Courses for teachers is now recognised by all European National Agencies. The courses are fun and motivating and take place in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lyon, and in Malaga, the capital city of the Costa del Sol in Andalucía. Please click here for more information.

ICT and Language in the Primary Classroom - new courses developed by the MLPSI and the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE).
This short course is aimed at helping all primary teachers to gain skills and knowledge around using ICT for learning and teaching all languages, including Gaeilge, English, EAL, Italian, Spanish, German and French. It focuses on practical ideas for using ICT, software and websites in the language lesson and suits primary teachers with various levels of ICT skills.
Course content includes - Using Images in the language class, Digital Storytelling, Presentation software, Digital Comics, Creating Classroom Resources, Recording and Editing Audio, Podcasting for beginners, Websites for Interactive Whiteboards.
These courses are fully funded by NCTE and further details will be available from your local Education Centre. See also