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A. Delivered language courses in Ireland  

B. Delivered courses abroad

C. On-line language courses

E. Assessing your own language level


  Delivered language courses in Ireland - For the coming academic year, the MLPSI is planning various collaborations with our partners in education including the Education Centre network, the Cultural Institutes and other language course providers to ensure that a variety of language courses which would be suitable for primary teachers are available nationwide. More details of these courses will be published here as they become available in the autumn. See also for details of your local education centre's autumn courses.

Italian - Istituto Italiano di Cultura: Currently active across the major cities of the five continents, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura network represents not only an ideal meeting point for intellectual and artistic dialogue, but also an excellent opportunity for Italian and foreign citizens who wish to establish or maintain a relationship with Italy.

The IIC offers a comprehensive programme of language courses for all levels for the Autumn term, more details of which can be accessed here. The IIC is happy to offer a 10% discount on its courses to MLPSI teachers.

Spanish - Istituto Cervantes:Instituto Cervantes in Dublin is located in the heart of Ireland’s capital city. It is conveniently situated between Trinity College and the National Gallery. Studying Spanish in the Istituto Cervantes not only means learning the language but enjoying the opportunity of getting to know and discovering the different cultures within the Hispanic world through our cultural activities. Students will also have access to the library, which offers a wide selection of Spanish and Latin American literature, as well as movies, music, magazines and newspapers from the Spanish-speaking world. For more information on the courses available in the Instituto Cervantes, please see their website. The Instituto Cervantes is happy to offer a 10% discount on its courses to MLPSI teachers.

German - Goethe-Institut: The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. They promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. We convey a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on Germany's cultural, social and political life. The Goethe-Institut offers a large variety of courses and you can choose from a longer or a quicker study period. If you cannot attend a regular classroom course at the institute, distance learning or blended learning courses are a good alternative. Please see the Goethe-Institut’s website for further details. The Goethe-Institut is happy to offer a 10% discount on its courses to MLPSI teachers of German.

French - Alliance Française: The Dublin Alliance Française is the third largest in Europe, after Paris and Brussels, and enrols over 5,000 students each year. The Alliance offers a very varied mix of courses: general French classes for adults, teenagers, children and toddlers; specialised classes, in-company courses and private tuition. It is also an examination centre offering internationally recognised qualifications. The Alliance Française in Dublin is also home to the Délégation Générale de l’Alliance Française en Irlande (Alliance Française Irish Network). The organisation is particularly active in Ireland, supported as it is by a network of committees based in Cork, Galway, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford.

For more information on French language courses available in Dublin and in other AF centres around the country, please click here. The Alliance Française in Dublin is happy to offer a 10% discount on its courses to MLPSI teachers.

  Delivered courses abroad - Immersion Courses in France & Spain - LFEE Europe has been a Comenius course provider since 2002. Their team of experienced and fully qualified native teachers is committed to promoting French and Spanish language and culture throughout Europe. This is their 10th year working under the Comenius/Grundtvig programme and their expertise in delivering Training Courses for teachers is now recognised by all European National Agencies. The courses are fun and motivating and take place in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lyon, and in Malaga, the capital city of the Costa del Sol in Andalucía. Please click here for more information.

See also the Léargas website for more details of language courses abroad and for information on applying for Comenius funding. 

 On-line language courses - For the coming academic year, the MLPSI is planning various collaborations with a variety of providers, including the Cultural Institutes, to promote on-line language learning. Currently over 150 MLPSI teachers are availing of the AVE on-line Spanish courses which are co-sponsored by the MLPSI and the Spanish authorities in Ireland, the Consejería de Educación and the Instituto Cervantes. Click here for more details of the AVE courses.

It is hoped that certified on-line courses in other languages can be offered to MLPSI teachers soon. Please also see the language-specific pages of this Upskilling section for more information on language courses available online.

  Interactive language learning websites - - Learn languages online with interactive language courses and lessons. - Welcome to the wonderful world of where you can learn your first words in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. You can print out activities, participate in the kids' gallery and learn about different countries, cultures and people. This site is designed for kids and their parents to encourage language learning, and to have great fun with foreign languages. - The Digital Dialects website features free to use online games for learning languages. Language resources include games for learning phrases, numbers, useful words, spelling, verb conjugation and alphabets. - Use this site to practice a foreign language with a native speaker, over webcam. - A lovely site where you can meet people to practise speaking other languages, share cultural interests or just simply socialise. - Livemocha is the world’s largest online language learning community, offering free and paid online language courses in 35 languages to more than 9 million members from 195 countries around the world. - The Internet Pictionary Dictionary! - All the videos on this page will show you websites that you can use for teaching different languages not just English. So if you teach Spanish, French, Chinese, German or indeed any other language, you should find tools here that you can use in your teaching. 

  Assessing your own language level - Are you a beginner? Complete beginner or ‘false beginner’? An intermediate or advanced language learner? Are your oral language skills ahead of your written skills, or conversely, are you more comfortable reading the language than interacting orally? In a European context, language levels are increasingly defined according to the Council of Europe language levels which provide an invaluable point of reference for language learners, teachers, academic institutions, language training providers, assessment and certification bodies and employers.

The MLPSI team has prepared a brief guide to the Council of Europe language levels, the CEFR and the self-assessment grid - you can read it here and then use it to assess where you're at!