Online Video Tutorial: The ELP and the MLPSI: An online guide to using My ELP to plan in line with the NCCA Draft Curriculum Guidelines.


Lesson Plans: Please click here to download a class lesson template for use in your planning. Further direction on planning can be found in the Planning section of this website.

Progression guide: Click here to download a document which gives structure to your planning for progression in 5th and 6th classes. 

Sample Plans on the topic of Where I Live are available to download from the Planning page of the website. The plans are not prescriptive and are samples only.

Speech Bubbles: Please click on the following link to download the Speech Bubbles for all topics and all skills.

Online Tutorial 4: My ELP - One step at a time. This video shows how to embed the MLPSI's model of the ELP in your language classroom, one step at a time.