My European Language Portfolio (My ELP) is the junior model of the ELP (Ref: 66.2005) developed by the Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative (MLPSI) in Ireland.

Besides fulfilling all criteria required for Council of Europe accreditation, My ELP presents a number of characteristics which make it a user-friendly tool for both teachers and pupils at senior primary school level.

The key characteristics of My ELP are:

  • Colour-coded and child-friendly version designed for pupils aged 9-13
  • Entirely bilingual English/Irish (Gaeilge)
  • Includes elements of four target languages – French, Spanish, German and Italian
  • Added-value My Language Biography with:                                                                                                          
  1. Topic-based framework for can-do descriptors checklists at level A1                                                                                            
  2. Can-do checklists at level A2 also included                                                                                                                                                                          ‘How I learn languages’ subsection enhances reflection in Language Awareness                                                                                                                                         intercultural awareness page supplement each topic                            
  3. Language and Culture subsection linking language learning to all other subject areas in the primary school curriculum
  • Child-friendly version of the Council of Europe Self-Assessment grid for levels A1 to B2
  • Whiteboard Page-Suite version accessible on
  • Numerous supporting resources for teachers and for classroom use also available to download from this website including: can-do speech bubbles, exploring My ELP worksheets, language awareness and intercultural awareness reflection worksheets, can-do speech bubbles stickers...

Teachers interested in using My ELP may wish to view these online tutorials which give an excellent overview of the MLPSI's accredited model of the European Language Portfolio:

Tutorial 1: Introduction to My European Language Portfolio - This tutorial provides a short introduction to the origin and background to ‘My European Language Portfolio ’ (My ELP). It outlines the key features of the European Language Portfolio, traces its origin in the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and explains its link with modern languages in the Irish primary classroom.

Tutorial 2: My ELP - an overview: This overview tutorial provides you with summary information about My ELP, starting with general points of usage for pupils and for teachers, followed by key points regarding each of the three My ELP component documents: My Language Passport, My Dossier and My Language Biography. For more detailed information you can consult or download the full Teacher’s Guidelines.