In this section, you will find online video tutorials, training booklets, powerpoints used during training days and a video of a teacher using My ELP to great effect in his class.

The MLPSI team compiled a series of online tutorials to assist teachers who wish to explore My ELP and its possibilities within the modern language class. Please click on any of the videos to play.

Tutorial 1: Introduction to My European Language Portfolio - My ELP

Tutorial 2: My European Language Portfolio - An overview

Tutorial 3: The ELP and the MLPSI - a guide to effective planning using the ELP.

Tutorial 4: Embedding My ELP in your language class - one step at a time

Training Booklets used during CPD days:

1. Module 1 - Introduction to My ELP

2. Module 2 - My ELP Teacher Guidelines

Powerpoints used during CPD days: 

Training Presentations on My ELP - Click on the links below to download presentations developed to accompany training days delivered on the ELP.

  1. "I can.." - My ELP a step at a time - delivered at the National Training Conference, April 2011 
  2. Introduction to the ELP
  3. Learning how to learn and the MLPSI ELP 
  4. Cultural & Intercultural Awareness in the Primary Language Classroom
  5. Exploring the MLPSI's ELP

Video of the ELP in action in class: Please click here to view a video of My ELP being used in an MLPSI class.See how well this teacher explores the topic of Myself and Others, addresses all the language skills, integrates ICT, active learning and finally, uses the ELP to allow children evaluate their learning.





1. Using My ELP on your Interactive Whiteboard -To download the elements of My ELP for class demonstration purposes on a dataprojector or interactive whiteboard, please click on the following links:

My Language Passport:


My Language Biography:


My Dossier:


2. Classroom posters introducing key concepts related to using My ELP with your pupils.

My Golden Rules in ... Interesting facts about... What we have learned about the culture in...
I can... My ELP Topic Signs Our Topic of the Week is...
We can say it in... Languages around us Our Top Tips for learning languages

Please note that Irish versions of these posters can be downloaded from the resources section for Scoileanna lán-Ghaeilge agus Gaeltachta on the home page.

3. Worksheets for classroom use - exploring the various elements of the My ELP pack.

Exploring My ELP pack Exploring My Passport Exploring My Language Biography
Exploring My Dossier Exploring the Young Learner's Guide Exploring the Teacher/Parent Guide
Exploring the Content Classroom implementation - how to...?

 1Activities to introduce My ELP to your class - Before introducing the ELP to your class, there are many activities you can do to familiarise them with the icons, layout and theory underpinning the resource. 

A. Introduction to the Can do statements: By clicking on the following links teachers can download the bubbles with the can do statements as presented during the training day which focused on ELP implementation. You can also download a folder of can do statements for the ELP topics in the language specific sections of the website or by clicking here. 

Can do statements for Listening

Can do statements for Reading

Can do statements for Spoken Production

Can do statements for Spoken Interaction

Can do statements for Writing

B. Introduction to the cartoon characters representing the language skills - Right-click on the links below and 'Save image as' to download the icons for each skill - these can be laminated and used in class and displayed in your language corner. 





Spoken Interaction




Spoken Production


Intercultural Icons


C. Introduction to the confidence levels - click here to download the icon which represents the confidence levels used in the can do statements in the Biography.

2. Class Posters: Please click on the following link to download a series of class posters which you can use with your class to help familiarise them with some of the concepts of My ELP.


3.  Using My ELP on your Interactive Whiteboard -To download the elements of My ELP for class demonstration purposes on a dataprojector or interactive whiteboard, please click on the following links:

My Language Passport


My Language Biography


My Dossier



This section contains two videos of a teacher speaking about the benefits for pupils of using My European Language Portfolio.

Video 1: Using My ELP - benefits for pupils and teachers

Video 2: My ELP in the Classroom

Online Video Tutorial: The ELP and the MLPSI: An online guide to using My ELP to plan in line with the NCCA Draft Curriculum Guidelines.


Lesson Plans: Please click here to download a class lesson template for use in your planning. Further direction on planning can be found in the Planning section of this website.

Progression guide: Click here to download a document which gives structure to your planning for progression in 5th and 6th classes. 

Sample Plans on the topic of Where I Live are available to download from the Planning page of the website. The plans are not prescriptive and are samples only.

Speech Bubbles: Please click on the following link to download the Speech Bubbles for all topics and all skills.

Online Tutorial 4: My ELP - One step at a time. This video shows how to embed the MLPSI's model of the ELP in your language classroom, one step at a time.