MLPSI Curriculum

                      Curriculum cover 2  Draft Curriculum Guidelines:

The draft curriculum guidelines for Modern Languages in Primary Schools were developed by NCCA. They are laid out in the same way as the Primary School Curriculum (1999). The three strands of the curriculum are communicative competence, language awareness and cultural (intercultural) awareness. The strand units, listening, speaking, reading and writing, are explored and developed under these three strands.

The Draft Curriculum Guidelines are available to download by clicking here

                 curriculum cover    Teacher Guidelines:

 The Modern Languages in Primary Schools Teacher Guidelines to accompany the curriculum guidelines were developed by NCCA and published in August 2001. The teacher guidelines develop and expand upon the curriculum as laid out in the Draft Curriculum Guidelines. The teacher guidelines offer suggestions on ways of fulfilling topics and language functions outlined in the curriculum.

The Teacher Guidelines are available to download by clicking here 

To access information on the different strand units click here:

Communicative Competence

Language Awareness

Cultural (Intercultural Awareness)


































induction_2-400Pictured are Katrina Keogh, Education Officer, Modern Languages Primary, NCCA, Phil Deasy, Principal, S.N. Garrán an Easaigh, Co. Cork and Rosemary Sheehan, MLPSI team at a recent Induction Day in Cork.