Ideas for all teachers

Hosting Class Teachers and Staff Teachers
On this page you will find a selection of useful resources, ideas, planning templates and website links to help the hosting class teacher to integrate the Modern Language in his/her class and school
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1. Integrating the Modern Language and the Primary Curriculum
Planning for collaborative projects between class teachers and language teachers is essential. Click here to find planning templates and tips which will help you organise language projects. 
How does the modern language fit into the Primary Curriculum? - Click here to download a document which gives ideas on how to integrate the modern language across the primary curriculum.
Useful websites for all primary teachers - please see the language-specific sections of the site - there you will find a wealth of resources for the use of flashcards, ICT, songs, games and much more for your classroom. You will also find websites can which can be used for language and general reference. These websites are relevant not only for the modern language class but also for the primary class.

2.The Modern Language and Cross-curricular Projects

Click here to find many ideas as to how you can collaborate with the language teacher in your school on cross curricular projects.

ICT & Cross-curricular projects -  Work collaboratively with your language teacher in the ML class on ICT projects. Find out how you can motivate your pupils in the modern language class and in other curricular areas here. Video tutorials will guide you on how to use photo story,Vokis and Audacity effectively and with confidence. This page also offers excellent ideas and practical examples for ICT tasks which can combine active learning, group work and ICT. Special focus is given to projects using  Microsoft Office and Publisher, Digital Media and the Internet. Listed also is useful software which is free to download.

3. Embedding the Modern Language in your class
Click on the languages below to find useful phrases which you, as the class teacher, can use to embed the modern language in your class room. This document provides vocabulary for the class teacher to take the roll, say the daily prayer and also to give classroom instructions to the pupils in class: Italian   Spanish   German   French
 4. Integrating the Modern Language and school events
Organising a language day or week in your school
Organising a language day or language week is an ideal opportunity to get all staff on board to celebrate the language/s which are spoken and taught in your school. Click here to find lots of ideas which will help you to organise your own language events in school.
MLPSI School of the Month
 In this section find out about MLPSI schools which have been commended for their integration of the modern language into school life. Read their accounts and see if you can adopt some ideas for your school. Read more here.
Linking the modern language with your school/local library
Collaborate with your language teacher and read here about the many ways in which you can organise language activities in your school or local library.
The ML & religious events
Below you will find a selection of appropriate prayers, hymns and ideas which may be used to integrate the ML into annual religious ceremonies in your school. Click on the relevant language for your school - Italian  Spanish  German  French

European Day of Languages  - September 26th: September 26th is a special day to encourage people of all ages to start learning a new language and to encourage people to take part in events that celebrate speaking and learning about other lanuages and cultures. Useful website: