Best Practice Guide

The MLPSI team has devised a series of documents to assist principals and teachers in the implementation of the MLPSI in their schools.

Please click on the links below to download the document you need:

Best Practice Sheet for Principals: BPSPrincipalsApril2010.pdf

Best Practice Sheet for modern language teachers:  BPSPrincipalsApril2010.pdf

Best Practice Sheet for Class teaching hosting a visiting language teacher: BPSHostingCTApril2010.pdf

For information for Principals on the Induction of new Visiting Teachers, please click this icon:  Induction_of_new_VTs.pdf

Information documents:
These documents offer practical suggestions for the implementation of the MLPSI aims and objectives in schools. They cover aspects such as involving younger classes, developing language awareness, using ICT and many others.


Sourcing Free Resources
Making the most of the MLPSI website
Teaching through the Target Language Developing Language Awareness
Assessment in the ML Classroom Developing Cultural Awareness
Celebrations and Festivals Hosting a foreign language student teacher
Linking with the local community
Correspondence exchanges
Involving younger classes ICT & the modern language
Info from Leargas Links with the local post-primary
Cross Curricular links My European Language Portfolio - My ELP