The MLPSI has been working with colleagues in DIT (Learning Teaching Technology Centre and the School of Computing) and they have developed new language games software for use in our schools. It currently consists of a collection of mini-games which support language learning in primary school. The games supplement class-work and consolidate what has already been learned including reading, aural comprehension and written responses. Each mini-game maps to the curriculum.
The games are playable in the languages supported by the MLPSI - Italian, Spanish, German and French - but it will be possible to include Gaeilge and other languages in the future. 
The MLPSI organised a competition for MLPSI schools to name the suite of language games and the winning entry was Languages4Fun.
To register to use the games and begin playing, please click here to take you to the Languages4Fun website.

 FarmShop200  LingoMatch200  NumberTile200 TowerOfBabel200