Communicative Competence

The Modern Languages Curriculum envisages a communicative approach in which the child will enabled to use the languages learnt in a variety of contexts. (MLPSI Draft Curriculum Guidelines p.7)

Language learing involves the development of 5 language skills or strands units: Listening, Spoken Production, Spoken Interaction, Reading and Writing. See the Draft Curriculum Guidelines and the Teacher Guidelines to see how these should be developed in the Modern Language Classroom.  You will also find a number of resources under the different languages to help you to plan and develop communicative competence in your language lesson.

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For a succesful development of Communicative Competence Language lesson should always include the following phases of communication

Phases of communication

The following graphic also shows you other aspects of modern language teaching and learing that you may consider when planning for the development of communicative competence.

Planning lessons